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Three Simple Ways To Use More Solar Energy (Even If You Don’t Have a Solar System)

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Solar energy is a booming industry, and yet not everyone can afford solar panels for their roof.
However, there are so many ways that we can utilize solar energy. Here are three:

Sunport Solar Plug

Imagine just plugging a device into the wall and being able to purchase solar renewable energy
credits from your provider. And when you do, you send a message to the world that solar matters
and is important to consumers.

Well that is exactly what the Sunport Solar Energy Plug allows you to do. Sunport started on
Kickstarter and they have a very detailed explanation of just how the process works on their

Eton Rukus Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Have you every wished you could bring music with you, and yet you have nowhere to plug in or
charge your Bluetooth speaker? Well, welcome the Eton Rukus solar powered bluetooth speaker.
Not just does this speaker charge with solar energy, it can store enough energy to play for a full
eight hours. And even more, it can charge your phone through its handy USB port. Being water
resistant, the Eton has the versatility to go anywhere, charge itself, and provide some great tunes.

Creative Edge Solar Cell Phone Charger

My guess is when your phone’s battery runs low, you just plug it into the wall. Have you ever
wondered if there is a better way? Well, yes there is. With the Creative Edge solar cell phone
charger, you can fully charge your phone’s battery 2.5 times on a single solar charge. And
because the Creative Edge charger is small, you can take it anywhere with you, like to the office,
out with friends, or anywhere the sun beckons you. And with two USB ports, you can also
charge your friend’s phone.

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